Inner Overhall with Questions

Wow. I just logged on to post to my blog, which I admit, is desperately overdue and discovered that . Frankly, I am undergoing an inner overhall of my entire way of communicating and doing business, asking myself some very basic, but standard questions as to what it is that I truly have to give others? How can I use my own voice to help others to connect to and express theirs?

How does Ancient Healing and Transformational Music fit into this mix?

With the Sacred Peace Tours, we had our first group come to Israel last May to make a true contribution to good here. I am wondering what it takes for more people to come. I am wondering how to address the fear factor, which people seem to have to come here. People hear and read of conflict and expect THAT to meet them here. They do not read of good and kindness and gentleness and of those who make contributions in their daily life.

Please share with me what your thoughts are. I would really appreciate it.

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