Intuition: From Invisible to Visible – Your Hidden Power

Do you ever wonder if following your intuitive voice can truly make a difference in the world?

Intuition is a sixth sense, which, when you tune in, can be physically felt, but not seen. When you can’t control results to manifest in a way you’d otherwise like to expect,  do you ever question whether following your intuition is a sane and practical way to operate in the workaday world?  I sure have.

So as participants began to arrive to my recent one day training in Ojai, I decided to ask how they found out about Voices of Eden. Sound Healer and Graphic Artist, Shara Gardner was the first to arrive.  She said she’s been a client and reader of the Well of Wisdom newsletter for ten years! I didn’t know it! She added that she has incorporated many of the things she learned through the online courses she purchased, into her own sound healing practice.

Over the years, at times, I have wondered why I keep writing these blog posts and newsletters. It takes ALOT of time. It’s not like the multitudes have been waiting with baited breath to engage back.  I have questioned if my inner drive to keep going is truly my inner guidance speaking, or rather my ego and self will, who is afraid to admit that spirit doesn’t pay and…go get a “real job”.

This experience ended my doubts once and for all.

Like planting a seed in the earth…requiring patient tilling of the soil and patient watering, season after season, until the roots take hold so the tree can grow and eventually bear fruit.

What a delight to watch this woman, after all these years, appear out of thin air…and to hear her voice affirm the power of communication and community building through internet. It was even more of a joy to hear her voice sing.

Spirit Invisible – Matter Visible…Really?

The contrast between “spirit” and “matter” can set us up to believe that what we “see” is real yet what we may “sense” is real, yet cannot see , isn’t. That’s WRONG. Case in point: We can sculpt sound waves. sound waves are physical, even though we do not “see” them. Sound is finer than light. It’s also more powerful as it’s closer to the Source of all energy. This is why it is written in the Hebrew scriptures:

“And God said, “Let There Be Light”. In Hebrew, the “said” word reflects how sound precedes color.

Which is the secret to why your thoughts are so powerful…they are the silent voices which sculpt your physical reality. Change your invisible thoughts, and you will begin to see your physical reality change.

I’m doing just that by committing to launch a series of live Ancient Israel Feminine Sound Baths. These events will allow that powerful magical healing spirit of the invisible to be made visible through my composing live on the spot – for whomever will find it of service. The first one will occur on Friday, February 27  7:30-9:00 pm at The Gateway Portal in West Los Angeles. For years I was secretly afraid that no one would want to listen to this stuff for more than ten or fifteen minutes.  The surrendered part of me knows this voice of fear and courageously moves forward anyway, humbly following marching orders.

I pray that to be fully used for the highest good and look forward to discovering who will show up to the event.  I would love to see you there.

Guess who I asked to help me design the graphics for the upcoming series?  Shara. Her graphics sing color just as beautifully as her voice… What do you think?  Comment below.

Never underestimate the power of the invisible…

EG Postcard_Frt-page-001While it may seem like nothing’s happening…yet if you keep putting one foot in front of the next, ever so gingerly…the magic will eventually appear, as Shara did that day at the workshop.

When we stretch outside of our comfort zones, we are truly being kind to ourselves…we grow…and this benefits the whole of mankind.

Your voice truly makes a difference.

I hope you will show up for one of the events in LA.

Or invite me to come to your community. I’m open to offers.

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