Is your voice healing or hurting your finances?

Is your voice healing or hurting your finances? 
This might seem like a pretty weird question.

What does voice have to do with money?
Actually, quite alot. Maybe not to what meets the eye… but in the case of finances, what meets your ear can have a direct impact upon what shows up (or not) in your bank account.

When you push and task master, it means there is some voice silently pushing you to “do, do, do”… there is no room to stop.  This will certainly cause stress and anxiety. You’re so focused on “doing”, that you forget the power of just being. Seeds sprout and gardens bloom, without their “doing” anything. They don’t have to work so hard. Neither do we.

I learned something about how “not doing” can generate abundance today. Today is the second holiday of Passover. Passover celebrates freedom. It has been a glorious week – having the freedom to focus exclusively on Miriam’s Secret, preparing the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for producing the multi-media took kit. It is exciting and empowering… and extremely intense and scary.  Instead of my usual pushing and forcing myself passed my fear, I decided to work in spurts of ninety minutes, then take a half hour break in the sacred grove which borders on the edge of my neighborhood.

Last week, I shot this photo when a group of my clients and I were leaving the grove, after a glorious session of ancient healing and transformational music.  I was mesmerized by the stark red color of the natural poppy flowers. I remember being very focused on work as I took the photo. It was a lovely respite for the eyes.

Today I have been particularly focused upon enjoying the experience of “being” without “doing” anything. This is while I am in the midst of writing the   book cover for Miriam’s Secret as well as preparing the project page for Kickstarter. I am working on deadline. The experience is relaxing and uplifting. 
I shot this second photo in the same spot as the first. What astounded me was how many other flowers had sprouted within less than a week since I had shot the first photo.  No one “did” anything to sprout those flower. Nature took care of itself.

Nature takes care of itself.

You’ll know this is at work, because you become energized instead of exhausted. When your inner voice is busy criticizing your, you may feel like you are being pulled in a bazillion gazillion directions and it’s exhausting.

So how can you use your voice naturally that heals your finances?

You can dive into the source of all creation, by creating your own well song.

What’s a well song? 

No words, no rules, just connecting to what soothes you.

When you sing wordlessly, you bypass your busy intellect. This allows your brain to rest.  The reverberation of the sound acts like a small pebble thrown into a pond. The ripple effect gently penetrates and allows the mind to relax. In this space, your higher consciousness becomes clearer and from this space, creative solutions appear.

Here’s a well song I created a while ago to support the opening of abundance and prosperity. It’s a pleasure to share it with you here… I was so suprised by what transpired in that recording… whimsy… bluesy… hadn’t heard those tones in my voice for Y-E-A-R-S!

Slowing down, listening to yourself, soothing your inner critical voices through wordless singing, will quiet them down like a whining child. No more need to act out to get attention. Instead you give yourself much deserved acknowledgement… just for being alive. 

It’s natural.  What did the music evoke in you? Leave a message. Your voice is important.  

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