Israel 60s independence day – a Peaceful Note

There are actually Israelis and Palestinians making peace. For six years, a grass roots movement has been quietly taking place, with individuals ready to create a healthy future, by BEING an LIVING EXAMPLE of peace.

In the words of Mohatma Gandhi… “Be the Change You Wish to See”. The hundred plus, Jews, Christians, Moslems spent two days to listening to and acknowledging the “other” – pain, sorrow and celebration for the good that is, with resolve to create a better tomorrow, by living a more loving today.

While for Israel Jews, Independence Day is a celebration of freedom, for Palestinians it is a day of mourning.

This video was taken today, at the end of a two day meeting to acknowledge the pain, the wounds sustained from a multi-faceted complicated situation for both sides, with a willingness to listen and learn from the “other”.

See and hear for yourself…

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