Israel Travel Tip – Jerusalem

Yesterday I had the great fortune of spending the afternoon and early evening in Jerusalem for the recording of ancient music and describing it’s use in biblical times. The recording occured in the City of David, site of excavations of part of King David’s palace.

The site overlooks the most dramatic and picturesque valley… stone buildings of the East Jerusalem village. Goats meandering, children playing, caves hidden behind open crevices in the old stone walls.

The City of David lies just outside of the Old City walls, and adjacent to the Western Wall.

There is a cool water duct where you can go… it’s great in the summer… you actually walk in 2-4 inches of water – along with flashlights. I remember going when I was a teenager. The memory stays with me until today.

If you want a special adventure in Jerusalem with an incredible view, this is it.

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