Israel Travel Tip

Israel Travel Tip – Off the Beaten Path

For those of you visiting the Galilee, you will not want to miss a visit to Pek’in. Pek’in, since ancient times, has been home to Jews, Christians, Druze and Moslems.

For an acceptional treat, go to Savta Jamila Soap shop. Grandma Jamila has been making olive oil medicinal soaps for close to thirty years. The ingredients are all natural, and mixed with fresh herbs and essence, according to the Druze tradition.

On the premises, you can see how the soap is made. Jamila tells the story, and on the walls are pasted numerous stories from satisfied customers. I am one of them.

Since I purchased my first bar a few years ago, I stopped buying shampoo. The olive oil soap does a better job. Last time I visited the store, Jamila’s son told me you can use it for toothpaste as well. It tastes awful, but it’s great for gum treatment.

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