Israeli Women, Good Life, Contribution….

What do the good life, Israeli women and contribution have in common?  Alot!  Especially if you’re talking about the north of Israel.


This weekend, Ben Israel and today I attended a wonderful event Dress, Drink and Be Merry Design Experience in the fine art cooperative called The Sukkah, located in Binyamina, in the Carmel Valley of Israel.  The sublime blend of art, culture, design, wine and cheese, all quality locally produced products support the local economy, health,  and culture built upon enjoying a good life.


Wine consultant, Ruthie Ben Israel is involved in an inspiring project that invovles youth at risk who live in the village of Meir Shefeya, CarmelValley, and has them involved in reviving the art of great wines, such was practiced in ancient Israel.

Meir Shefeya is a place very near and dear to my heart as it is where I lived for 10 weeks when I first came on a summer youth program to Israel in 1972. I have fond memories of sitting in the back of a rickety truck with wooden planks for seats. Our job was to pick grapes and cotton in the fields. Hailing from Los Angeles, this was my first experience in nature. I thought grapes came from the market!

The music is very loud, and my voice is quite soft in this spontaneous iphone recording, filmed by Ruthies daughter Or, which in Hebrew means “light”. She really does reflect it:

The twenty first century brings back artful living and the feminine power of Northern Israel – so grateful to be able to share it.

Ruthie Ben Israel, Shira Marcus, Limor Shifona and Anat Shen, plus the Sukkah staff are to be commended for their authentic collaboration of feminine power. What an inspiration!

What comes to your mind when you think of femininity, Israel, women, wine and art?

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