Jaffa Port – Oldest Working Port in the World

Last night I had the delight of feasting in Jaffa port, the oldest continuous running port in the world. Do you know how long?

Think about it. This is the site of the biblical story of Jonah and the Whale.

Whoever guesses the age of the port, and marks below, will receive a gift of a sublime, healing and transformational music composition, clinically proven to lower stress, increase focus and quality of your sleep.

What brought me to Jaffa port last night?

Baygele… the Hebrew version of Bagel… Well, it’s not the literal doughy roll, but the name of a fabulous group of “foodies” who trek all over Israel in search of great culinary delights. Boy, did they set up a fabulous feast last night at Kalimera Seafood Restaurant

I went alone. It is the first time I went to an event like this. Years ago I read about a group of crazy foodies, who trek all over the country in the name of great food. I thought to myself, “those are the kind of people I’d enjoy being around”. I lost the newspaper article. I was so busy with building my business and the ancient healing and transformational music model. At times I would remember, and several times did an internet search to locate the website, with no luck.

What, you may ask, does food have to do with your authentic voice?

One of my big intents of 2013 is taking more personal time for myself, reclaiming parts of my personality and desires which bring me joy and meaning in life. Listening to my inner voice, it guided me to start looking for new activities which would bring me joy.

I learned of a wine course in my neighborhood community center and went to the introductory class. As serendipity would have it, not only is the teacher an expert in wine, he also researches ancient wine presses (very connected to ancient music sites), and ends up his sister is the woman who started the food club. Visiting the website I discovered an event scheduled for last night in Jaffa. I immediately signed up.

Forty “strangers”… filled the intimate restaurant, breaking bread, wine, and partaking of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y delicious food together. By the end of the evening, the 10 people at my table, Jew and Arab alike, were no longer strangers.

Beygale foodie group in Jaffa Port – Kalimera

Here is one of the deserts – Death by Chocolate would be an understatement!

Death by Chocolate is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Have you heard of Malabie? It’s an eastern pudding with rose water and pistachio nuts on top. This one was sublime!

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