Jerusalem – On the Road Again

It is nine am on Sunday morning. A new week unfolds… in Israel, the workweek begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday… In another few hours my partner Boaz comes to pick me up and we are on our way to Jerusalem for some meetings.

In the afternoon we will meet with peacemaker Eliyahu Maclean of Jerusalem Peacemakers At 6 pm today, we meet again in the old city for the next installment of the Hug Around Jerusalem. The Hug had such an effect that the people at Damascus Gate asked that we continue. Eliyahu reported that there were crowds of people at the Damascus Gate – and that it excited him to witness such a spontaneous outburst of positive energy. The hug was so moving. Take look at this clip where we chanted Peace – Shalom – Salaam into the walls. James Twyman was moved to bring a group of peacemakers from the US to join us… there were others from around the world as well.

Here is a gorgeous compilation of the entire event, you can get a feel of the different angles and angels who were there:

Please join us today with your heart… and if you feel so moved, consider joining us in person. I ask you to please consider coming to the Holy land yourself to witness the good that is growing here. Yes, you may need to overcome your fear of the Middle East. The good news is, that by freeing yourself of that fear, you free yourself from all your fears. Please remember that your idea of the Middle East comes from images portrayed through the popular media, whose job it is to sensationalize.

What if you were to choose to experience life from a WIDER LENS?!!!!?!!!!!!
I GUARANTEE you that when you come here, your mind will be expanded 1000%, your transformation so bold and bright, that you will never see life the same again.
You will meet real people living peacefully – in a place you believe is filled with only hatred and war. What we focus upon increases.

Good is calling you… Are you ready to answer?

Please do something kind for yourself today… YOU DESERVE IT!!!

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