Lessons from Under the Sea – Desert Bell Lullaby

I am still reveling in the wonder of the past week spent in heaven in the Sinai desert. A week of relaxation, writing, swimming and snorkeling every day brought quiet connection to inner wisdom…lessons from under the sea… plus a fresh flowing bell lullaby composed just for you and your inner wisdom…

The water is so soft and smooth.

I am amazed by the amount of different fish in the sea.

I learn about abundance from the ocean. There are large fish, and small.

A school of minnows streamed ahead of me. I was swimming in the middle of what were thousands and thousands of small minnows. We were all swimming in the same direction. There were thousands in front of me, to the sides of me and behind me. I felt like a head of state, with an army of supporters to guide me. I could get used to this, I thought to myself.

As I continued, juxtaposed with the battalion of small minnow, was a huge sting ray gracing the bottom of the ocean floor. I felt safe in it’s midst even though a hint of worry entered my tummy. Having just finished writing about going with the flow, I impulsively sent love his way, as I marveled at this wonder of nature.

How many different shapes and colors are there under the sea! It’s stunning. Isn’t it wonderful to think about the creator of all those shapes!? I ponder that same creator who created me and all the two legged fish who walk above the sea, on land.

I kept swimming out to sea, even though it was already past sunset. The panoply of color and the quiet below the sea had me mesmerized. Being my last afternoon in Sinai, I wanted to take full advantage of the swim. On the way back, a heavy wind started to blow. I noticed that I was alone in the sea. I kept swimming yet the shore was a long way off.

“Shouldn’t you be worried”?, a voice of alarm began to chime.

I remembered what I had just been thinking, about the creator of all those fish. I surrendered to the benign creator of the universe. The voice chimed in again. Instead of ignoring it “bravely”, this time I met the voice of fear straight on, allowing it to share its. Instead of scaring me, I sent it love just like I sent to the sting ray at the bottom of the ocean. Not only did it stop bothering me, I also felt such a wave of compassion for my vulnerability.

Compassion gave way to courage as I decided to surrender to the unknown. If discovering new worlds like I have been doing this week under the sea is so pleasant, what might await me at home when I return to that world with an attitude of wonder?

I open the door to new vistas. I choose to learn new never experienced before…choosing to experience the wonder of ever renewing life. Choosing to love.

So I offer you this bell lullaby clip, recorded authentically, unedited, in under the blue dome of this luxurious Nubian palace, reminiscent of ancient times…

While you listen, please ponder within your own heart…

Where can you be compassionate with yourself? What new vistas do you choose to learn?

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