Life and Death: Both are Beautiful

I returned home from Italy just two days ago and am still reveling in the beauty of life I experienced on so many different levels.

Paolo Muretti of Frame Drums Italia, broke out into song on the first evening of our conference. The spontaneity of his singing, along with the spontaneous dance of one of the participants caused me to whip out my phone and spontaneously film the following video.

The highlight of my trip was Siena. The Palio, singing my heart out under the cupola of the Opera Museum, being heard for miles around, and appreciated for this powerful ancient way…and the spontaneous creative expression of the people in this city, delighted my mind, heart and soul. My second hostess Claudia invited me to a Pizzica class. Imagine…authentic southern Italy sacred dance in the heart of Siena. I was enthralled. I said yes.  Though it may look simple, this sacred dance is extremely energetic. My legs are still recuperating!


At the same time, my 91 year old beautiful stepfather walks through dementia in his preparation to leave this world into the next.  I called on Fathers Day to wish him well. No longer able to speak consciously, a grunt and honk came out of his mouth instead. I sang him a wordless lullaby hoping to soothe the pain. He responded with a long “ooooo”…. While shocked by the degraded level of our communication, I was stunned and struck by the beauty of his heart felt croon.  The connection was made.

This coming Tuesday, I will once again hop on a plane to Los Angeles. I look forward to singing a composing for him live. It is an honor to be able to bring the historical role of this music back for modern times. Ancient healing and transformational music guided in birth and in death.

We’re not so used to speaking of death… yet it is such a beautiful part of life. The soul gets freed for its full expression. I feel honored to be able to chaperone this journey. To me, it is an extremely beautiful expression of love.

I’ll share more as I experience more of it.  How many of you have experienced meeting up with impending death amongst your family, relatives or friends?  I am keenly interested to explore this issue more and wondering who else might be interested?

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