Life goes on as usual

Here I am in the center of the country, and life goes on as usual.
I will return tonight to the north. My neighbor and friend Leah, is staying
here with me at my friends house in Even Yehuda… as there was no public transportation yesterday to take her back up north.

So what does one do, while in the center of the country.
We went this morning to the local branch meeting of BNI, an international
networking group. My local group from up north has not met for the last two weeks
since public places are required to stay closed – preventing danger of too many people being in one place at the same time.

It was funny attending the meeting, since usually I market my healing music center, where groups come to experience quiet and stress release. This morning, I could not market it, as my village is shut down for business.

I marketed my writing abilities in English – brochures, business proposals, advertisements, etc… My communication was very clear… I received good feedback as well as a few leads. I’m going to have to find an alternative way to bring in income for the next while.

At the right time, in the right way, income comes to me in the very best way…
That is what I am reminding myself.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.

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