Marianne Williamson in Israel

Marianne Williamson visited Israel this last week. I had the great fortune of reconnecting with her after thirty years of our first meeting in Los Angeles.

At that time, Marianne had just left her secretarial position and was risking her faith to give lectures about

A Course in Miracles. She would speak once a week at a church gathering in Santa Monica and in the living rooms of people who spontaneous organized gatherings to discuss the materials.
One evening in the small apartment living room of a then neighbor of mine in Marina del Rey, Marianne spilled her guts about her difficulties. It was neither polite nor politically correct, nor did it make her “look good”.
Yet it was so honest, sincere, authentic and powerful that through the years of my own path of risking “looking good”, leaving the conventional life of US and Europe behind to live in Israel to revive the sacred healing music practices of the of the ancient prophetesses.
On Sunday, September 11 she addressed a group of 200 conscious people who gathered to focus upon inner and outer peace. At the same time, I had been invited to present before a similar sized gathering celebrating women’s empowerment. The event, organized by the Haifa mayor’s office of female empowerment, intended to celebrate the new year, and acknowledge the great effort of the women who lead the large women’s empowerment programs in Northern Israel.
Building on the constructive change transpiring through the grassroots demonstrations, I suggested that we join forces – and synchronize our meditation upon good together. This way, it grows.
The harmony of those moments was palpable. Silence which rang with such a force that it’s echoes still reverberate within my heart. What most impressed me was the power of the softness. That is true divine femininity at it’s best. Marianne wrote a beautiful post about femininity on her blog, which reflects my own experience to a “T”.
Living outside of the US and experiencing the appreciation of feminine expression in France and the Middle East (YES, the Middle East! Will write a whole post about this), allowed me to heal the deep wound I experienced, shutting off my nurturing qualities in the name of “equality”.
The gift in this healing is the gift of being the midwife to the revival of this powerful musical way of the prophetesses of ancient Israel. I will be going to Los Angeles next week. I look forward to providing a music meditation of this powerful music at one of the Monday night gatherings, honoring the entire community for it’s part in helping me, the doctors, and countless others in the Middle East to revive of the healing power of the divine feminine.
I look forward to hugging my mother and honoring the huge role she has played in my own life.
Where ever you are, whatever you happen to be doing, please take a moment to honor yourself.

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