Music of Israel and Galilee

This is a video of Jewish and Galilee music from this summer at the open air amphitheater in my village of Amirim. Please enjoy.

Later I will upload some more really cool videos I took this summer. Amongst them…

I got to go by myself to the museum of the ancient Canaanite Temple of Hatzor in the Galilee. Unfortunately, not enough people seem to be interested in the archeological remains. There is alot of cool stuff in the museum. Watch and enjoy my musical tour. I sing while I explain what it is that I am seeing in this thirteen minute video tour of the museum in Kibbutz Ayelet HaShahar.

If you didn’t think there was a direct connection between ancient Egypt and Israel, Cyprus, Galilee, Mesopotamia, well, this will show it.

It was pretty cool!!!!

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