Nazareth in My Home

Open House again at the Voices of Eden Peace Garden. I do this the first Friday of every month as a practical next step towards realizing my inner marching orders to found a self-realization garden and healing music center in the Galilee… in a green place where one sees blue. Amirim, where I live, certainly fits the bill.

Israel Dvir, a lovely man from a neighboring kibbutz, called to say his wife released him from Friday night dinner, and he was excited to come… “Can I offer any help?”, he asked. “Now that you mention it,” I replied, “Yes. My friend Kamel from Nazareth wants to attend, but his daughter needs to use the car. Would you mind giving him a ride?” I wasn’t sure of his response, because Nazareth is in the totally opposite direction from the path leading from his home to mine.

“Sure”, he suprised me with his response. “Where is he, in Nazareth Ilite (the Jewish part of Nazareth). “No”, I replied, “in the Arab part”… now waiting to see if he would change his mind. “Ok, give me his number and I will set it up”. What a blessing. I immediately called Kamel and gave him the good news.

Not only did Israel and Kamel arrive together, but Kamel invited Asrar a beautiful woman who lives not far from him, who makes herbal remedies. Amongst other guests was another British woman who came for a visit to the Galilee three years ago, and never left.

I love it that each month, I have NO CLUE as to who will show up. It’s pot-luck vegetarian (I live in a vegetarian health village):

Please come visit: First Friday of Every Month. Try it, you’ll like it!

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