One Long Single Note Remembers Six Million

Today in the Holy land marks Holocaust Day. It is a day of remembering the six million people who died during World War 2 in Nazi Germany.

At 10 am in the morning, a single note siren was sounded through out the country, at the same time, for the duration of two minutes.  Whatever people are doing at that moment they stop. And I mean S-T-O-P.

Imagine, on the sidewalks and in the streets and on the freeway, everything goes comes to a grinding halt.

Have you ever seen traffic stop in the middle of a busy intersection – people get out of their cars and silently

– wherever they are – whether it’s in the middle of the boulevard, in an office building, on the freeway, wherever, and stand in reverance, without saying a word, without any movement.

It’s an amazingly powerful experience. An amazing sight to behold.

In Ancient Healing and Transformational music a long single note is used to create a sense of safety. During the three years of the first scientific research conducted upon Voices of Eden live music, the long single note was a fundamental element I showed mothers in the neonatal ward to practice in order to quiet their babies as well as their own inner stress.

What does this have to do with a long single note of a siren during Holocaust Day?  How we use sound, can either soothe us or send us reeling. Sound is a powerful element which touches a deep chord in our soul. When it is used wordlessly, it bypasses the intellect and has a profound affect.

When you consciously hum a long single note to yourself, it can bring you focus and clarity as well as provide you a sense of deeper connection to the Source of all life.

Though the impetus of sounding a long single note in remembrance of six million is particularly poignant and  painful for those who lost family members, the deeper potency of the sound lies in it’s ability to move an entire country to stop and unite for two motionless minutes – in turn connecting it to the higher power of eternity.

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