Open House in the Israel-Lebanon War August 4

Last night, I held open house (which occurs regularly on the first Friday of every month), dedicated to the Source of all Good. I had NO idea if anyone would show up. Yesterday was a hard day too. Sirens blasted in the morning and afternoon. I myself, felt raw and vulnerable.

Yet I felt it essential to keep my promise to God to keep the focus on GOOD. It’s easy when things are as usual. The real test is when everything falls apart.

I thought to myself, if only I show up, that will be enough. I am enough. It was a big moment.

In the end, there were 12 people here, including a small girl of 7 years old. She hadn’t slept the previous night for fear of the bombs. Her mom brought her to give her confidence.

At first we sit under the ancient carob tree in silence, contemplating upon the Source of All. Each person in his/her own personal way. I introduce the silence by singing a wordless melody composed on the spot, along with my frame drum.

Afterwards, we eat dinner together. Everyone brings something to share with the group. The food was scrumptious!

By the end of the evening, the little girl was performing magic tricks for us. It was inspiring.

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