Overcoming the fear of public speaking

Tomorrow, I will head for the United States to make my TEDxVailWomen presentation in Colorado. I am so excited that I have been sick for a week in bed, with a virus which has taken my voice into captivity. No sound, whatsoever for more than six days.

Today it came back. But then I spoke too soon. Tonight, it run away again. Last week I gave a dry run presentation of my talk to an English speaking networking group. People were

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visibly moved and so was I. Their feedback was helpful.

It felt great to actually be ready for my talk, early. And then I fell ill. Immediately following my rise in temperature and my loss of voice, the organizer returned my speech with suggested edits, changing the whole format, requiring me to learn it from scratch again.

Talk about fear of public speaking, how would I memorize this new speech when I have no voice?

I wanted to respond and suggest all the reasons for keeping it the way it is. On the other hand, I sensed that God was giving me a lesson which if I chose to take it, would increase my power. Yet this would require my letting go. I decided to go for it.For an entire week, I have had the opportunity to learn the power of the essence of sound, which is silence.

Voice works, even if you don’t speak or sing a note.

In my courses and workshops, I teach my students that:

Connection + Attunement = Result

Boy am I getting a great lesson in that this week. Here I am the day before departure, still feeling weak. Faith is born in vulnerability.

Conscious vulnerability can be a source of great power.

Courage is feeling the fear and going ahead anyway. It is the end of time as we know it – we are going on to much better things. I am sure of it. It is what gives me the courage to step forward, one foot in front of the next, jumping and trusting the net will appear. It is God who gave me my voice, and God who took it away.

Never have I been so aware of my lack of control. Never have I been so committed to surrender to the Highest Good, to my Higher Power whom I choose to trust wants for my Highest Good. I take you all with me in my heart. I will return on 12-12-12 – the launch date of the year of Miriam’s Secret revealed.

To celebrate this new birth, along with the Birth of the New World, we will join for an ancient healing and transformational music adventure on December 22, at Bet HaGefen in Haifa, Israel – Hag HaHagim multifaith festival, where 100,000 Jews, Christians and Moslems will come to celebrate good.

If you are ready to hear your own voice, allow it to be heard, and step out in your own greatness, then MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!!!! Bring your children and grandchildren. I will be giving a free ancient healing bell workshop for the first thirty children who show up. Adults are welcome with them! It’s time to ring in a new era. I invite you to join me. All the best, ELiana

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