Tues. Apr. 14 - 12pm  PT, 3pm ET, 8pm GMT, 5am Sydney (4/15)

Passover Self Care Seder: Miriam's Secret

Class by donation only. No one turned away.

Freedom from Uncertainty!

Enslaved by worry and fear during this perilous period of unpredictable change?

Worry and fear is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.

You can remain calm and centered within, no matter what's going on around you!


Never Before...

Never before have we experienced times as these. Never before have we been in such need of a new paradigm, a new role model for feminine nurturance and leadership. In these very tumultuous times, wise women are be called out of the woodwork. Are YOU are one of them? If so, come experience something very new and rediscover something extremely old? You'll connect you to your clarity, courage and inner calm in the midst of uncertainty and unpredictable change.


Welcome to Passover Self Care Seder Experience 

It's a virtual Passover seder and mini-class devoted to prophetess Miriam, elder sister of Moses.

Miriam represents one of the most remarkable examples of feminine strength in the Bible.

Her nurturing leadership changed the course of history, yet the sands of time silenced her voice.  By exploring her power, we'll unleash and free our own as well.

Who was Miriam?

Miriam prophesied the birth of Moses and watched over him in the bulrushes, Miriam, along with Moses and Aaron, led the Hebrews out of Egypt.

The entire people relied on her for sustenance, water and faith on their treacherous journey towards the promised land. Miriam knew her power.  She had no need for outer approval.

What she was, what she endured are important as we mindfully move through these perilous times of change.

At the Passover Self Care Seder you'll discover these astounding truths:

  • You can't move forward and change until you stop and take care of yourself first.
  • You can access your own Promised Land within, no matter what the circumstance.
  • You are your own leader. No one, no thing can stop you from embodying your power.

Here's What We're Going to Cover

  • A Passover Ceremony that embodies feminine power you can access anytime for nurturing self care
  • An Ancient Feminine Leadership process to find the answer to any pressing problem.
  • A Healing Sound Self Care practice scienficially proven to strengthen immunity and heal respiratory disease
  • Mindful Hebrew Chants and music meditation that strengthen your intuition.
  • How to transform your isolation into one of the most empowering, meaningful periods of your life

Every voice makes a difference.  You’ll leave inspired, empowered, freer and vitally alive!

You'll Receive

      • *FOREVER ACCESS to 2 hours of ceremony, music and in-depth online training
      • *Passover Self Care Seder Haggadah Guide
      • *PLUS - you'll get Eliana's "Miriam's Secret - Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of  Feminine Leadership" ebook


Women leaders in the midst of uncertainty and change.

Virtually - LIVE on Zoom.  Event will be recorded.

 Tuesday, April 14, 2020  Noon - 2pm PT

SUGGESTED DONATION:  $97.  If you can't donate that amount, choose whatever dollar amount you'd like to invest for this Mini-Class.  No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

You'll Enjoy

  • Sacred Hebrew Chant

    You’ll learn sacred Hebrew chant with the power to release long held blocks and increase your confidence to speak your truth.


  • Communal Singing

    We will sing together and rejoice in our freedom. No need for musical talent!


  • Healing Together

    Come and help revive the freeing power of feminine leadership.

Your Hostess - Eliana Gilad

Two time TEDx presenter, author, ancient healing sound pioneer, Founder of the innovative Virtual Healing Music Choir, a global health project to reduce stress, anxiety and social isolation through a user-generated healing music experiment that unites people of all ages from around the globe in a new way through the use of technology.

Eliana has lived in Israel for 20+ years where she initiated the world's first live healing music medical research project and travels between Los Angeles and Galilee, where she leads an annual women's wisdom retreat.  Enjoy a rare opportunity to experience ancient ritual from a direct descendant of the Levite tribe.



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