Peace Greetings in the War

I made it safely to the center of the country. I am staying with some friends.
My body feels like a truck ran over it, and I have been sleeping
the entire day. Just checked my emails now… this was among them.
A. (to keep his identity safe) also called this afternoon, to ask
how I am. He heard about the bombing in Amirim this morning:

Hello every body. I wish you are well. Eliana how are you doing?
I hope you are fine after the
bomb in Amereem…I wish things will get better soon.

I would like to invite people who are living under the
danger to come to my house to stay there until the war
ends …
Pleasee dont be hesitate. My house is open for every body
and you are welcome to stay any time …

Please Eliana put
this invitation onto your web site …and tell other
people about it ..I really appreciate it.

My family welcomes you also …
I wish you a better life and a nice time …Please take good
care. I’m looking forward to hear from you soon

My heart is with you all.
God bless

Sincerely yours ,
Palestinian Peace Activist
Ramallah, Palestine

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