Peace has broken out in Israel!

This last January in Beijing, following the healing music presentation I delivered, the attending Director of the Chinese film academy asked me, “What are your politics?” For me, that was such a strange question, as I am not politically inclined in the least and never think about these types of questions. I first answered, that I do not have any politics. After thinking about it for another few moments, I spoke up again.
“Well actually I do have a political aim. Would you like to know what my politics are?” His interest was piqued, as he nodded his head “yes” with apt interest.
“My politics are politics of the heart. I want to learn how to fully love. Enough dissention. We each have dissending voices within our hearts, never mind within our societies and within our own families. I want to practice loving more, and I have alot to learn!”
He liked my response.
As miracles would have it, peace is breaking out in Israel. I don’t know what you may have read about the recent demonstrations in Israel – the tent cities, the mass gatherings of last Saturday, Sept. 3rd. It’s about social justice – not political. The roots go so much deeper than social justice. It’s about a total reevaluation and rebuilding of society, on all fronts. And instead of rhetoric, the difference in energy is palpable. This was the largest demonstration in the history of Israel.
Tonight, will be 1000 Roundtable meetings. All over Israel. Each round table leader (volunteer) will bring a laptop to the table. The people will speak, and offer their ideas. The ideas will be posted live to large screens in Tel Aviv, so that everyone will see what the general consensus is… in real time.


I will be leading a circle and have offered my services to write the consensus’ in English, so that in real time, the world will see what is being discussed on the ground, rather than the particular angle that the mass media choose to communicate based upon their political bias of Israel.
People are smart. People are wise. It’s time we respect our right to choose what we want.
This is true freedom of choice.

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