Peace on the NYC streets

New York City is the first stop on my two month peace tour in the United States and Cyprus. Coming out from the fire of the Middle East, I flew with trepidation into the frying pan of bustling megalopolis city life.

Over this weekend I gave a two day ancient healing and transformational music workshop which culminated in a presentation in the all day peace vigil in Central Park Bandshell.

We covered the five elements of Voices of Eden healing music and implemented them not only in our conference space, but also on the city streets. Walking on the way to lunch, in unison, we walked in single file line – playing our bodies as instruments…. Doum, tak, doum tak…. raka taka doum tak… we tapped and sang, the bass sound Doum, on our chest, the higher pitched Tak, with the slap of one hand into the palm of the other. It was mesmerizing.

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of downtown street traffic a single line of repetitive rhythm and simple melody brought smiles of recognition to passersby and some who spontaneously joined in. It was a powerful and magical experience.

We continued the process with ancient designed rattles also made in the workshop. We used in them in procession on our way through Strawberry Fields at the West 72nd Street entrance to Central Park, continuing without break up to the Band Shell.

When it came time for our presentation on stage, I invited the audience to join in… the light pulse of Doum Tak, brought the public crowd into the focused unison.

Living peace sang through the instruments of each and everyone who joined in. The silence could be felt – even with the noise of the dance music blaring behind us.

It was a blessed moment which I will cherish forever.

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