Post War Reflections

The affects of post trauma from the explosions:
disorientation, exhaustion, momentary amnesia,
jitters, loss of hearing, sudden outburst of tears is
the most
difficult challenge. Life has continued on, in
certain places, as if the war never happened.

I have more patience and compassion; for myself and everyone who has suffered in Israel, Lebanon, all over the world.

Funny how the ravages of war have enabled me to finally commit – clearly commit to make a cease fire with myself. NO MORE WAR!!!! I remind myself daily.

Never have I felt life so meaningful, even in the midst of the physical exhaustion.

I have made a commitment to give healing music programs to those suffering most from the trauma – Jew and Arab alike, mostly focusing on women and children, for the women are caretakers, repsonsible for giving and to take steps to establish a permanent healing music center and peace gardens.

Who gives to the caregivers? They suffer greatly and are in danger of passing on secondary trauma to the children.

My focus has never been so clear. I feel grateful.

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