Private Healing Music Concerts 

Neuro-Balancing, Medically Proven Healing Music 

What is a Private Concert?
It’s a live show, but instead of being in a crowded concert venue, bar, club, coffee house, etc., it’s usually in someone’s home. Typically, it’s an acoustic performance. 

In other words, I compose LIVE on the spot and perform unplugged—just me and my voice and my ancient frame drum.  If it’s a larger concert (more than 50 people), there may be need for a  P.A. sound system.  In most cases, I perform solo. This is meant for my music to be the centerpiece of the evening and not background or mood music for a party or event.

Where will the concert be held?
If you are the organizer, it can be in your home or in the home of someone you know. This way, you could also co-host with someone! It can also be in a public space such as a community room, clubroom, workshop room, lecture hall, theatre, or other rented public spaces.

What are the benefits of a private concert?

Most people really enjoy when I share the secrets behind my music, how it is medically proven to be neuro-balancing, where and how the music originated, personal stories, and the open interaction between me and the audience. This creates a much more intimate feel and allows for a casual and fun connection with everyone involved.

Parking is usually free, traffic is minimized, and there are no lines to get in. The audience doesn’t have to wait around for a long time for the headliner to come on and everything has a very natural FLOW to it.

Moreover, this creates an opportunity for the private concert host to create a new, fresh, and inventive social event for their family and friends! It is the ultimate triple-win for the artist, the host, and the audience.

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Never Before...

Never before have we lived so long. Never before have we been in such need of a new paradigm, a new role model for feminine wisdom and leadership. Yet in these very tumultuous times, it's also true that wise women are coming out of the woodwork. And perhaps YOU are one of them? Perhaps you are going through change and could use a rest?


Welcome to Wise Women's Circle Music Meditation 

Throughout Eliana's travels around the globe,  she has encountered a few major obstacles in connecting with clients and fans. Unless she is presenting in their home town, or they come on retreat to Israel or a private Immersion in Los Angeles, it’s hard for them to travel to see her live.

So, she came up with a solution…

Throughout this year, we’ll be booking Wise Women Circle - Mindful Music Meditations across the country (and globe 😊)…that are ideal for powerful women at a crossroads, in the midst of change.

Why should you consider this?

Here are a few reasons...

Eliana comes to you! You host a space for the Wise Women’s Circle – Mindful Music Meditation, invite your colleagues and friends, and she shows up with her ethereal voice and ancient percussion. It's simple.

Experience Ancient Healing and Transformational Music at its BEST - intimate, personal, and Eliana composes a personal live healing music meditation for the women who gather together, around the well!

Plus, forget needing to travel all the way to Ancient wells of Israel, you get to hang out with Eliana in a real and authentic way!

Eliana creates live healing music that is composed live on the spot for her audiences! This is the best way to experience the healing power of this ancient feminine lineage.

Marianne Williamson

“Eliana Gilad is like an ancient priestess, bestowing enchantment and alchemy through rhythm and sound. She takes you to a very deep place and then lifts you to a beautiful high.”

Marianne Williamson

What's Included in a Personalized Women's Wisdom Circle Music Meditation?

  • Introduction to Wise Women's Circle
  • Practical Applications for Ancient Feminine Healing Sound
  • Ancient Hebrew Chant to Replenish Feminine Power
  • Sacred Ceremony of Miriam’s Drum
  • Live Healing Music Meditation Composed LIVE on the Spot - Personalized for Each Participant

How Does it Work?

Normally, I charge $1500 for people to book me in their home for a private concert.

I will waive the fee when you signed up to join my Wise Women’s Private Concert host network where you get at least 20 people to purchase tickets at $25 each (We split 50/50% of ticket sales). 30-40 people is fantastic.

In addition, we'll tithe 10% of merchandise sales: cds, books, and t-shirts to your favorite charity - or to you to further YOUR own work.

Anyone who signs up by the end of the concert to join the Wise Women's Private Concert Hostess Network also gets a thank you package of my album, my book, Miriam’s Secret – Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Feminine Leadership and a Voices of Eden "Wise Woman" t-shirt right at the concert.

This means...

  1. YOU provide the venue (your living room, an antique store, your yoga studio, office etc...)
  2. YOU promote the concert and sell tickets (we'll provide you materials)
  3. YOU get to have wise ones support YOU
  4. YOU get to enjoy the company of some of the wisest women of all time
  5. YOU are no longer alone, doing it all alone
  • Sacred Hebrew Chant

    You’ll learn ancient chant with the power to release long held blocks and increase your confidence to speak your truth (no musical aptitude neccessary).


  • Community Gathering

    Together we reweave the fabric of wise women’s communities. Your voice matters!


  • Relax Together

    Come and renew your energy through the freeing power of feminine community.

Your Hostess: Eliana Gilad

TEDx presenter, author, ancient healing sound pioneer, Founder of Voice Your Feminine Power programs helping powerful women re-energize, replenish, and reconnect to their  inner truth, so they courageously lead from their feminine power (even when it’s messy, inconvenient or politically incorrect), attracting abundance and making a difference in the lives of others.


Eliana has lived in Israel for 20+ years and travels between Los Angeles and Galilee, where she leads an annual women's wisdom retreat.   Her work and music is featured in Sharon Stone's award winning documentary: Femme: Women Changing the World.

Enjoy a rare opportunity to experience ancient ritual from a direct descendant of the Levite tribe.




Do Something Kind for Yourself Today!  Invite Eliana and Enjoy Your Personalized Healing Music Meditation Composed Personally for YOU!

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