Problem or Opportunity? Which Way Do We Choose Today?

453230_i_m_not_sure___When your world has been turned upside down, it can feel like the rug has been pulled from under your feet.

Numbness, shock or the fight or flight syndrome easily kick in, causing you to behave in ways that make you feel icky about yourself. For conscious changemakers, particularly those who are perceived as leaders in their field, this can be a particularly disconcerting experience. Secret shame and blame rear their heads; “You call yourself a leader? If they only knew how awful you felt inside, they’d run in the other direction! You think you have something to give?  Hah! You’re not good enough (slim enough, young enough, healthy enough etc…).



What’s the Solution?

Things we perceive as problems can actually be opportunities in disguise.  We have no control over what happens on a moment to moment basis, yet we DO have complete control over how we respond. When everything goes awry the only way to make it out is to go in. It’s time to go through the static. This will get you to the calm in the center of the storm.

Slowing down is critical. It’s not comfortable. Last week I shared about how less is more and slow can be the fastest route to any solution.  Yet the discomfort may make you want to bolt. I also shared about how slowing down can help you gain alot of clarity and confidence over which steps to take next.

It’s all how you look at it. How you respond in the present directs your future.

If you react habitually, you’ll get the same response. Expecting things not to work out, you’ll discover they won’t. It’s comfortable to stay in that known place, even if it doesn’t give you what your heart is secretly yearning for. Comfort is a booby prize.

I’ve been choosing to look at my so called “problems” as learning opportunities.  As I mentioned last week, my house has stood empty for the last several months in Israel as I have been in Los Angeles following the death of my stepfather. Inner clarity guides me to stay here, even though my mortgage and financial commitments in Israel would guide me to return. I listen to my heart.

Does your faith buy you bread in the market place? the critical voice of cynicism whines.

YES. It does! I’ve proven this many times over the last 25 years since I left my yuppie LA lifestyle behind in the early nineties. Only the solutions always seem to show up in the most unsuspected, unexpected means through ways I could never anticipate. It always has included a period of topsy turvy turmoil that feels like the ground beneath my feet has collapsed. Walking through, slow, NOT fast has always produced a solid more grounded sense of serenity, which has attracted so many miracles in my life.

I was up until 2 am in the morning, three hours on the phone with Israel – which is ten hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time, to negotiate and organize a 3 night rental of my home through Airbnb…. Someone needs to clean and prepare the house for receiving the guests. Someone must pick up the key from my neighbor. Someone needs to explain where everything is… It took alot of time to set up.

Two emails awaited me this morning. One from the renter. One from the woman helping me. The internet doesn’t work. The refrigerator door does not close. The woman is pregnant and cannot sit on the gorgeous red bar stools. She needs regular chairs.  My helper said they’re waiting for my call to help them solve this all!

Today and tomorrow are holidays. The phone and internet companies are closed.

You shouldn’t have trusted things to work out. It’s all going to fall apart. The voice began to attack. My stomach began to knot with that old anxiety.

I remembered the ancient healing bell on my wrist and gently shook it in response. The sound broke the negative litany from it’s auto-pilot.

What good could you learn through this? The voice of compassion chimed in.

This could be the best day of my life, if I so choose. All I have is right now. I chose to surrender the problem to my Higher Power or Guidance – the force which creates all, and to humbly flex the muscles of self-trust and expecting good. This situation has ended up being SUCH a blessing. My experience of the day has been effortless and enjoyable. I’ve put myself in the back seat. I’m allowing my Higher Power to drive… I’m enjoying the ride.

So what will you choose today? Problem or solution? It’s up to you.

I’d love to hear what you think? Your voice makes a difference.

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