Quiet in the Eye of the Storm

I was in a meeting two days ago in Tel Aviv. The speaker was sharing about the power and the challenges of surrendering to our Higher Power to guide us. Suddenly the sirens go off, and the 20+ people in the group immediately head out of the meeting room, and into the stairwell, which is one of the safest places in the building.
Boom, crash… blast… the bombs exploded. The building shook.
My stomach turned. I released.
After the crash, silence returned. We returned to the room. The woman continued her talk about the challenges of surrendering to our higher power to guide us, no matter what.
We laughed at the irony of the bomb. Someone else shared how grateful they were to be safe in the room – Higher Power was definately in charge.
I left the meeting deeply moved and inspired. The tanks I saw on the way in to Tel Aviv reminded me of the importance of letting down that iron clad shield surrounding my heart. It lets nothing in, and only allows for defensive attack.
Definately NOT fun :-)!!!  While letting down the guard can feel terrifying, it also can allow in love and that is so much stronger than the fear or hate could ever be.
Nothing new under the sun, only the living of what in our hearts, we know to be true… daring to hear it. Daring to follow it’s murmuring.
What are you hearing there? How do you respond?

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