5 Simple Ways to Stay Calm and Centered Inside No Matter What is Happening Outside.

Induce calm and peace with these five proven elements, relieving pain and anxiety during even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Tools to Alleviate Anxiety

    Learn how to remain calm and peaceful even in traumatic situations.

  • Healing Music Tools

    Learn how to remain focused and express your authentic voice, so that others see and hear you for who you truly are.

  • Inspirational Stories of Living Peace

    Find the silver lining in any difficult and cloudy challenge.

Proactive individuals and professionals who are interested in learning to embrace uncertainty and deal with fear are using the five elements of Voices of Eden Healing music plus the inspirational stories of living peace written in the war zone during the Israel Lebanon war, to remain calm and peaceful in traumatic situations.

The helpful tips offered in the book help the reader to remain focused, express their authentic voice, plus find the silver lining in any difficult and cloudy challenge.

The 51 page electronic book was written by Eliana Gilad an internationally recognized composer and lecturer in the field of ancient healing and transformational music known as Voices of Eden directs a healing music center in Galilee, Northern Israel, and today, is based in Los Angeles, CA. teaching, presenting and meeting with clients. Foreword was written by bestselling author,  and publishing consultant Stephanie Gunning. 

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A beautiful and intimate voice of reason providing healing tools to apply in all the conflicts life hands us.

- Gregg Braden, NY Times Best Selling Author - "The Turning Point", "The God Code", "Fractal Time"

A powerful message for powerful times!

- Susan Jeffers, Best Selling Author - "Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway"

Just finished the book. So much going on in my mind and heart.  I needed to tell you that it touched my heart unbelievably...many  tears, many times I wished I could reach over and hug you...this has been such a blessing!!!

- Karen Caterson, SquarePegPeople.com, Coach and Author
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