Eliana here. I’m delighted you’ve chosen to join
me today on your  journey to your personal promised land.

What a blessing to have your company
after travelling alone on this long windy road.

For more than 25 years I’ve been walking the
walk, living my truth and reviving the ancient way
of using wordless voice and rhythm as
healing, transformation and leadership tools.

But hey, the Israelites took forty
years to reach the promised land!

So that’s pretty quick.

When you’re in the desert it can feel pretty long!

It can get pretty easy to compromise your truth.

Can you relate?

* Too much in your head
* Distracted and disconnected
* Checking email way too often, way too late
* Setting big goals but not following through on them

You may feel like you’re in the middle of a long
desert stretch, with no oasis in site,
but I’m here to remind you that at the
bottom of the well, beneath the silt,
lies sweet delicious clear water.

How thirsty are you?

Being parched can drive you out of your mind.

Maybe it’s a good thing?

It can be, especially when you’re going through
change and the old paths don’t or won’t work anymore.

Now here’s an interesting thought to consider…
what if the promised land isn’t a destination?

What if the promised land is the journey itself?

Speaking of which, I’ve gotta journey to the ancient
site before the sun goes down
to compose a personalized piece of music for
my client whose daughter is giving birth
next week. The piece she ordered to help her sleep is
working so well, that her daughter will use hers during

I digress…

Here’s something I want to share with you.
Then I’ve gotta go for now.

Haven’t you noticed that, not only is there no map,
all the roads and the infrastructures are
breaking down as well?

It’s scary and downright uncomfortable. On the other
hand, it’s a great opportunity to start living
in a way that is much more to your liking…could
actually be quite close to your personal promised

I’ll go into more this more in a lot of detail, cuz
it’s that important.

Can’t wait to share it with you…



(short for Hebrew “L’Hitraot” means “Til we meet again”)

Btw – There’s something I’ve discovered these last
25 years since I left my native US behind, journeyed
through France then onto Israel that provides answers
every time, 24/7(even without google or an internet hookup).

Anyone can do it.

The result: you have clarity and connection. It’s this
deep wisdom “level” that gives you prophetess-like power.

Will tell you about it shortly.

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