Reclaiming the baby from the bathwater…

In the name of progress, we humans seem to have a habit, of shutting off the past when we are moving forward towards a new direction. It’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. In doing so, we are able to focus exclusively upon the direction we have chosen to follow. Yet we also pay the price of shutting off other precious parts of our humanity.

Last Saturday I lead an ancient healing and transformational music workshop at the ancient site of Tel Dor, an ancient Phoenician port where the ancient priestesses wove their vocal sounds and rhythms for physical, spiritual and mental health.
We received the gift of a stupendous tour from the renowned archeologist Kurt Raveh, a man who founded the entire marine archaeology of Israel.

Amongst his finds are percussion instruments and thousands of female statuettes. I am so happy that he agreed to help me locate the finds in the archaeology warehouse. He did show us a 2700 year old bell. I almost fainted when he showed us, as it was the exact same shape as the bells I had brought to the site, for us to use in one of our musical exercises.

Here is a video clip from the day, thanks to the generous photos of Dorit Kaplansky. Talk about recovering the baby with the bathwater, the song which accompanies the clip is called “Water”. Those of you who know me, know that Voices of Eden music model is wordless. This song with lyrics, I wrote back in 1997. It reached a final round in a British song writing contest, which brought me to London.

Thanks to Bob Miller, a music professional who approached me after one of my concerts there, I got up the courage to speak to him of my dream of reviving the ancient use of singing and rhythm for healing purposes. His support gave me the courage to dare approach the neonatal ward of my local hospital to suggest testing this music approach. The rest is history.

There’s no drum in this music. Just voice and guitar with lyrics in Hebrew and English.

Where have you thrown the baby out with the bathwater? Where might you reclaim it? What benefit would it serve? Leave a note below! Then come for a visit on facebook.

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