Refugee from the North

I now know what it’s like to be a refugee.

Please, don’t feel sad, if anything, feel compassion.

I’ve been thinking, that either everyone loses or everyone wins.

People are displaced from their homes on both sides of the border.
It’s a travesty. On the other hand, my heart goes out to all of us.

I am convinced that good will come from all of this, because it is what I
choose as my experience.

Already, I went to the bank, post office and pharmacy in the Sharon area (as in the Rose of Sharon, from the bible. It is the area where I lived for almost ten years.

All the people I ran into ask about my welfare. It warmed my heart.
On my way out of the town of Tel Mond, an elderly Yemenite woman stood waiting
at the intersection hitchhiking a ride to her community some eight kilometers away.

In response to the idea in my head at that instant – about where income is going to come from, I decided to take her to her destination. I laughed to myself at the instantaneous replies we receive from the heavens above. Two minutes before, I had had a worried thought about my work and income – cuz everything has been shut down in the north. I chose to reply to myself in the affirmative. I KNOW everything is ok. I KNOW that the Divine provides for all – if we will only allow it. I chose to open myself to this stream of abundance.

It was at that very moment that I saw the woman. With her in the car, I silently thanked the Divine for my abundance of free time, and four wheels, that would take this needy lady to her home. It filled me with a sense of abundance.

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