Relaxing in the midst of chaos – simple, fun exercise

Here’s a simple and easy exercise which, if you are willing to practice for only one minute, can turn your busy workday irritation into an inspirational and meaningful therapeutic activity.

Here’s how it goes:

1) While walking down a busy street, stop for one minute and just listen. Count how many different sounds you hear – without judging. Notice how your body feels.

Next step…

2) Listen for another minute to these same or other sounds and listen for their rhythm. You may hear honking, trucks whooshing by, sirens, loud talking, drilling, any type of sound in the city scape. If you live in a rural or country setting, do the same steps with the natural sounds you hear around you.

After discover the rhythm of these seemingly dissonent sounds…

3)Listen in order to discover the harmony amongst all those sounds. Yes, if you listen for it, you WILL discover it. Notice how you feel. How is your body now?

Don’t believe what I write… it’s worth nothing. Try it out and experience for yourself… that is worth EVERYTHING.

Look forward to your feedback.

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