Relaxing into Results

Butterflies flapped their wings strongly yesterday as I prepared for a friend to escort me to the ancient city square of Ancona, Italy, where I planned to sing and play the frame drum.

It has been twenty plus years since I last sang in the city streets of Europe. It all began in Paris, France, when for an entire year, I sang every morning on the inner city trains and discovered my purpose in life: using music as healing and transformational tools.

Yesterday, I must admit, those old voices of doubt surfaced again: Have I gone nuts to go sing in the city streets? Am I moving backwards instead of forwards?

Fortunately I have a healthy full bank account of prosperous memories to remind me of how relaxing through the jitters, slowing down, and focusing upon what is good in the moment bring me to new discoveries about myself and others which bring amazing joy and increased empowerment.

What can we do to transform our fear into empowered energy?

Trust your highest good to come through for you. 

When you do not know how things will work out, it can feel terrifying. Yet when you respond to your fear with feminine energy, you empower your own leadership.

I went to the square, walked around a bit to find the best acoustics and the place with the most foot traffic.  There was an embankment with beautiful plants right at the intersection of the main square and a pedestrian mall.

It was a transcendent experience to sing into the frame drum and hear that resonant tone reverberate throughout the city.  My God it was powerful. More powerful, was the strength I felt as the result of having trusted my higher power, instead of giving in to the fear.  Baring it all, giving my all felt… well… there are no words to describe it… just indescribably delicious.

From that place, the world delivers such abundance….

It is just like this luxurious bath I took this morning. Empowered from singing in the city square, I decided to truly bare it all for you (literally and figuratively)…to share this good


Where could you meet your fear with feminine power?


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