Release Your Unexpressed Grief with Healing Sound

hidden griefHidden grief and unexpressed anger can be the cause of both emotional and physical symptoms. Our lives are meant to be lived open heartedly, yet when we carry around old wounds from childhood and birth, it stays lodged in our energy patterns. When our hearts are open, we feel happy and are at one with the purpose and process of life. In order for us to trust this process, we need to release congealed energy stopping up the heart area.

How Can You Know If You’re Carrying Hidden Grief?

When you feel a lump in your throat, teariness that remains hidden and heavy with no sense of release, feeling isolated and alone, difficulty speaking from your heart, distrusting yourself or others – not being able to be yourself – all can be connected to a “gunking-up” of energy in your heart area…these are all common symptoms of unexpressed grief. Early trauma can particularly affect the heart area. By taking care of this area we can release old decisions, made even at a pre-cognitive period and discover a delightful new freedom of expression.

Identifying and Letting Go of Your Grief

A wise healing wrote that “grief is an emotion that can lodge in the body tissues and the spirit. Although we usually think of grief as having to do with the loss of a loved one or something highly valued like a job, grief can take less recognizable forms. Some common underlying sources of grief are mourning of one’s own lost childhood, mourning a lost opportunity, mourning the loss of good health and mourning the loss of innocence. One thing that is worth noting is that it is possible to hold grief for something one never actually possessed, but longed for. Long after the causative event that lodged, grief still exacts a price.”

Grief can affect those who carry it in several ways. It causes the heart to be shut down and removed from life. This has a negative impact on relationships. Deep internal sadness prevents healthy empathetic connection. It also reduces the capacity to enjoy life, and can result in depression.

Following the 2006 war in Northern Israel, we had a Post Trauma program with a very innovative multi-ethnic physically handicapped center in Galilee. The phyiscally handicapped suffer more from post trauma than others, as bomb shelters are not easily wheelchair accessible. Depression is a HUGE issue. In this video, one of my students works with a blindEthiopian student, using rhythm, mirroring and wordless vocals to establish a sense of connection and liveliness with him.

You can melt your own frozen grief by hugging and humming to yourself.

I used this myself last week and it worked magic. One of my clients this week – came in shut down and in her head…totally out of her body. After a series of special exercises I taught her utilizing her humming voice and various ways to hug herself, she popped open a cork while rocking herself back and forth. By the end of the session, she was beaming like a little kid. It was SOSOSOSOSO amazing to see and fun to behold.

If you suspect that you may be holding on to repressed grief, I’d like to  invite you to a complimentary 20 minute exploratory session to discover what to do to unfreeze it and set yourself free.  Email me at eliana at

How do you handle your grief?  What do you find works to alleviate it?  Please leave a comment below.

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