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Here's What We Cover in this FREE LIVE Master Class

  • Avoid the #1 block that keeps powerful women stuck & struggling to speak their truth
  • Control negative thoughts so that you're clear and able to create with joy
  • Eliminate 3 common mistakes that break your focus and connection with others
  • Leverage your imperfection to create a life/biz you being more authentically YOU
  • Master the #1 action to take to confidently speak your truth and be heard... and finally make the difference you're here to make in the world
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Your Hostess: Eliana Gilad

For years I inadvertently self sabotaged myself and my good, until I learned to stop procrastinating, people pleasing and needing to do everything "perfect" before I'd dare follow my heart's true desire. 

Once I did, amazing things happened, e.g. two TEDx invites, and developing the Voice Your Feminine Power programs helping powerful women reconnect to their inner truth and courageously lead from their feminine power (even when it’s messy, inconvenient or politically incorrect). 

I created this challenge to help you stop sabotaging so your true voice can be heard in the world.

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