Reveal Miriam’s Secret with me – Live Ancient Israel Music Hangout Today – 1 pm ET

Last night I met with Yifat Cohen, the Google Hangouts Guru – regarding the live broadcast of our Live Co-Creation Event happening November 15 at the 2nd Haifa Spiritual Film Festival

Video is the wave of the future. It allows us to connect more intimately with one another – all around the world.
Wow. I get butterflies in my stomach just by writing this.

It is exciting and scary to do something new – and it feels really great to grow! Yifat suggested to just jump in and start playing around with Google Hangouts – Live Broadcast. So I decided today to take the plunge. If I am to model showing up authentically, why not do it with Hangouts. We can meet around the well :-)…

Invite to Hangout with me Live Today… 1 pm ET

I’m going to compose live – plus we can chat, or sing together. Sky’s the limit.

I hope you’ll come hangout with me – start the rest of your day off on the right foot :-)….

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