Rosh HaShana: Feminine Power of Ancient Israel

Pomegranates - http://voicesofeden.comToday marks the entry of the New Year in the Hebrew calendar, which is based upon the lunar cycle. The lunar calendar is feminine in nature. As part of the celebrations, many symbols of feminine power are celebrated. One example is the pomegranate, symbol of wisdom, beauty and fertility.

At this time of year, pomegranates are full and ripe on the vine. I can only imagine the ripe fruits in my Galilee home, having transformed from the gorgeous red blossoms you see in the photo, to ripe red fruit, waiting to be picked and enjoyed for their tart sweetness. Their flavor is just like feminine power: juicy, delicious, tart, requiring patience to reveal the seeds which reveal an abundance of more.  It’s a beautiful messy fruit, whose taste is deeply satisfying.

The ultimate expression of feminine power is birth. Birth is messy.  It’s bloody at times. In our modern world, we have been taught to avoid and run from discomfort. Pain gets avoided like the plague….anesthetized by  food, drug, internet, sex, overwork… (take your pick)…only to create a deeper sense of disconnection and silent trauma.

For the past three months since I’ve been in Los Angeles, 100% of the people with whom I have worked, whether it be in the facilitator training or in private sessions – both live AND online and telephone – have all been dealing with health issues…the large majority of them… are women who have been silently suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome.

I’m astounded. 

This wordless music modality penetrates deeply into old wounds for which there have been no words to express. The sound acts like a soothing cradle, allowing for the listener to reclaim their innate power. With our full power in tact, messiness included :-)… a new reality can unfold…one which is juicy, sweet and full of wisdom, just like the pomegranate. 

This is a vocal prayer for Rosh HaShana, recorded live, on the spot, in Galilee… young and old alike…men and women ready to birth a new reality for the new year.

Where are you ready to reclaim your power today?

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