Rosh HaShana – Jewish Music of Ancient Israel for a Sweet New Year

In ancient Israel music was used as a means to deeply connect with the Divine spirit. Singing was used for spiritual and healing purposes. The prophetess Miriam is an excellent example of this. She led the Israelites across the parted seas to freedom. She led the people in joyous refrain to the Divine for miraculously parting the seas and allowing for their safe passage towards the Promised Land.

Perhaps sound and rhythm is what parted the seas! Sound was used to break down the walls of Jericho. Why not the parting

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of the seas?

The ancients were very skilled in the science of sound.

I write about it in my book: Miriam’s Secret – Discovering Your Inner Well of Wisdom (published Dec. 2013).

This piece of music was recorded live on Rosh HaShana – wordless singing and rhythm – a congregation of perfectly imperfect voices – singing in harmony.

What does the sound bring up for you?

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