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What if you could effortlessly have a way to prevent self sabotage from stopping you each and every time you leap into un-chartered territory?

 If you'd like to have unlimited access to this powerful video training so that you can watch the recordings and review the content months from now (when you're facing future challenges)...

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This special offer also comes with an Ancient Healing Music Meditation to Stop Self Sabotage (recorded live in an ancient healing site of Galilee), bonus session: Transform Procrastination into Pleasurable Productivity, worksheets and audio links so you can download them in to an MP3 player to listen to on the go....



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      • "I've taken a lot of course challenges but yours was different from any other that I've done. I so loved it!!!! Becoming more conscious of my own self-sabotage and being able to stop it through inspired action, even just through small actions, one day at a time. I now have tools & techniques to help me."
      • "I learned the difference between inspired action, and motivated action, and I learned to feel the power that came when I looked back at my authentic choices. This will be how I carry myself forward, with that inner knowing."
      • "I enjoyed the short, easy to digest, yet very informative videos. They were bite-size which fitted perfectly into my day. What I will do differently now is to to tune into my body before I go helter-skelter into actions that are either the wrong ones, or being taken from the wrong place."
      • "I enjoyed the five minute reflection time and the opportunity to answer the questions.  My biggest takeaway from this course is knowing I can partner with myself to overcome the fear of abandonment and scarcity."