Hello, I'm Eliana Gilad, creator of Connected, Confident and Charismatic: the intuitive guide for profitable presentation. This program is how I can help you to bring your full self into your presentations, transforming anxiety into authentic results.
In this video I am going to teach you a powerful exercise to help you remain connected even when anxiety or the dreaded blackout occurs and show you how you can receive complimentary coaching from me as well.

Are you yearning to share your message with others, yet your voice gets caught in your throat when you just imagine speaking in front of others?


Maybe you've made presentations, but you easily lose focus or worse, black out?

You might have even studied presentation skills, yet your inner stress and anxiety disconnects you from the essence of your presentation, embarrassing you and causing you feel like a fraud.

Maybe like one of my successful non-native English speaking clients who was invited to an international conference in her field, yet when given the opportunity for a sudden impromptu speech at the event declined her chance from fear of public humiliation.


I know what that's like. When I'd present my authentic voice in public – being a verbal youth - if it went against the status quo, I got punished by having soap put down my mouth…talk about humiliation! I learned to stay connected inside in a way that gives me confidence to present in the moment, no matter what is going on. I even used this during my TED talk, when I transformed a total blackout into one of the most potent parts of my presentation.

And it has led to me designing the program you're learning about today.

I offer you a surprisingly simple way to transform your cold sweat and fear to connected confident charisma in public speaking, no matter what your mother tongue, no matter if it's in person or online.

Now this WON'T work for you if you insist on being perfect.  In fact being imperfect has been perfect for others who have been blown away by the amazing results they've gotten with this.

If you lack emotional resilience when those inevitable presentation mishaps occur, it can cost you your entire reputation.  Not knowing how to respond in the moment can cause you to make a fatal humiliating mistake ruining the prospects of your success.

Yet this approach will empower you to remain connected, confident present so that you have the right word at just the right time, inspiring your audience to action.

You’ve been studying the Quick Start Action guide and watching these videos the last few days, but now we're taking that free value down so you can value yourself more and make a decision today to share your own authentic voice and message.

What you've been doing up until now is the hardest. I know because youre what you are looking for.

The reality is so much simpler than what you are doing now. You can eliminate your fear of public speaking and share your important message with the world, supporting others in their bigness and you get financially and emotionally supported for having shared yours.


This approach will help you to remain connected  & confident  so that your message gets communicated through your natural charisma inspiring  your audience to action.

The reality is so much simpler than what you are doing now. You can eliminate your fear of public speaking and share your important message with the world, supporting others in their bigness and you get financially and emotionally supported for having shared yours.


This approach will help you to remain connected & confident so that your message gets communicated through your natural charisma inspiring your audience to action.

You’ve had the Quick Start Action guide and these videos to study over the last several days, but now we’re taking that free value down so you can value yourself more and make a decision today to share your own authentic voice and message.


You’ve had the Quick Start Action guide and  these videos to study over the last several days, but now we’re taking that free value down so you can value yourself more and make a decision today to share your own authentic voice and message.

  • YOU are what you are looking for.

    It’s simpler than you think.  You can TOTALLY eliminate your fear of public speaking and share your important message with the world, supporting others in their bigness and you get financially and emotionally supported for having shared yours.  It’s MUCH easier than what you’re doing now.

SO…Here’s just a bit of what you’ll get in the complete virtual training:

Four Video Sessions of Catalytic Alchemy :

The 3C's of Connection

Catalyst #1:  Connect to Yourself as a Confident and Charismatic Speaker 

This is the foundation that supports anyone desiring to become a Confident and Charismatic  Speaker. Get complete clarity on where you are, own where you want to go, and recognize that the world needs your voice — Head out confidently in the direction of your dreams!

Why do we start here?  Because your inner voice is at the heart to confidently and clearly expressing your outer voice so that it gets heard .  Everything else is built upon this foundation. Also, it may be exactly where you’re not focused, that is keeping you from speaking when you are moved or have the opportunity.  Most of us look outside ourselves for confirmation, yet  we don’t consciously realize it.  We start here to help you stop run away from yourself when it comes to practicing the steps to be a Confident and Charismatic Speaker. Here’s what else you’ll reap from Catalyst #1:

  • An "aerial view segment" to help you clarify where you stand as a speaker — This self-assessment is designed to help you identify the specific areas to focus upon for increasing your success. You’ll see what's working for you and what isn't so you can know where to place your attention during the course,
  • A lesson on the number one thing that you need to focus upon to get really big results with your presentation, whether live, on a teleseminar, or through video. I'm going to share with you something that most professional speakers don't even know. After I teach it to you, I promise everywhere you go, you're going to be saying to yourself: "I can't believe it. That's a famous speaker and they don't even know what Eliana just taught me. I am ahead of that person in this area. When your audience connects with you, they'll be eating out of your hands. Inspired by your authenticity, money and time no longer stand in their way of them taking action. You're walking the walk, and they want what you have.
  • I’m going to walk you through my Signature Process the exact one I use for focusing and re-centering at any time so that you'll relax into confident and charismatic speaking remaining calm inside when you'd otherwise feel anxious.

Catalyst  # 2 — Connecting to Your Voice as a Confident and Charismatic Speaker

When you feel at ease in your skin while speaking to others, others are empowered by your presence.  In this module, you’ll learn how to use your voice like an instrument allowing you to present with passion and ease.  Ancient leaders knew how to use sound to create and destroy physical matter.  What most people don’t know is that our voice can make or break a deal.  Your unconscious vocal habits could be pushing others away.

I will teach you how to create and effortless magnetize with your voice, so that audiences are inspired to action. You’ll end your talk with more rather than less energy.

Here’s what else you’ll reap from Catalyst # 2:

  • An ancient vocal jumpstart application for staying on track and amplifying your focus instantly before, during and after your public presentations.
  • Natural Tonal Ladder Video of natural voice exercises that will expand your presence, your power and your passion when you communicate.
  • The knowledge of how to use your voice like an instrument in an enjoyable way that gets your message heard with ease.

Catalyst # 3 – Connecting to Your Audience as a Confident and Charismatic Speaker

Here we continue to focus on the practice of connected presence that will separate you from other speakers in your field.  We go beyond your speaking to get to the root of what’s causing the fear of presenting in public.  Self-sabotage, perfectionism and worry about what others think will fly out the window for good.  This way, your mind will be quiet every time you speak allowing you to remain connected and communicating your best.

You’ll learn how to transform the way you speak by focusing on that basic element absent from most public speaking trainings ––sincere connection between speaker and listeners.  Even the most expensive courses taught by the gurus don’t focus on this.

Here’s what else you’ll get: 

  • An approach that gives you the space to discover how to express yourself safely and clearly in your own authentic way.
  • The simple yet powerful steps to connect with the audience without using performance techniques.
  • How to transform blackouts into powerful moments of connection with yourself and your audience so that you'll never fear forgetting what you prepared to say.

Catalyst # 4 – Connecting  to Your Message as a Confident Charismatic Speaker

Now that we know you are clearly connected to your  voice  from the inside – out, it’s time to create your core message. We’ll work on clarifying the questions you need to ask to get your message out.  You’ll be amazed at how your speeches flow out of you once you hone in on this area.

Here’s what else you’ll reap from Catalyst # 4:

  • The 5 benefits of the conscious use of voice that can alchemically change your unconscious self-sabotage into habits that serve yours and others' highest good.
  • How to position yourself as the expert in your field and the authority in what you most want to share with others.
  • The simple, yet powerful steps you can apply to clearly connect with and communicate your message.
  • In my twenty years of coaching, I've never met a speaker or a singer that I could not help improve no matter how many years of experience they have.

BONUS #1: Live Q&A ($200 value)

I’m going to answer all of the burning questions you have from the course.

BONUS #2: How to Remain Connected to Your Authenticity ($100 value)

My foundational audio training course (phone recording) so you can study my natural style, and experience authentic presence – responding  in real time, to a variety of audience participation.

PREMIUM PACKAGE BONUS #1: The Joy of Problem Solving with Your Voice ($100 value)

One of my distinct audio programs with bestselling author Stephanie Gunning that provides you with potent ways to break through blocks on the way to creating your signature message and presentation.

PREMIUM PACKAGE BONUS #2: Signature Recordings of the Vocal Tonal Ladder ($100 value)

The Tonal Ladder is one of my most distinct processes that lead to the three medical and scientific research studies conducted upon my approach. It unleashes the attractive resonance of your natural voice with ease. 12 short recorded tracks with instruction and exercises conveniently edited for easy reference.

PREMIUM PACKAGE BONUS #3 Video Empowerment Training ($50 Value)

What do you need to experience yourself as a powerful woman? Is it possible to be empowered even when you are confused or stuck? Yes! This is for you if you get stuck because you temporarily lack clarity. It will empower you to hang out in not knowing and find your message.

Molly Gordon has been called a business sage and trickster for the spiritually and psychologically savvy. A Master Certified Coach, she is known for intelligent, funny, spiritually grounded coaching.

PREMIUM PACKAGE BONUS #4   Expand Your Vision – Expand Your Results ($50 Value)

When you’ve hit a ceiling in your results, it’s time to expand your vision.  Over the years, million dollar entrepreneur, author, and humanitarian Spyte Loriano has learned three simple ways to do it that never fail. This is for you when you need to catapult yourself forward in a new way.


I told you at the beginning of the video that I’d share with you how you could get some live coaching from me.  If you are one of the first eight people to sign up for this course, you will receive a bonus live coaching session from me, in a special live video training I will conduct with Premium Package students. You will get your place on the hot seat to have laser coaching to help you overcome your fear of public speaking in real time.

Imagine yourself speaking before a full hall – or an intimate video camera – connecting with your perfect, ideal customers. You’re connected and calm, your charisma naturally flows.  Your sincere message touches their hearts.  As you finish, they’re so inspired by what you’ve shared that they’re waiting, ready and eager to pay for even more of you!

You can get to the order page now and see all the details about how to get the tools you need to create this for yourself. Check it out right now while we still have it up.

Become a Connected, Confident & Charismatic Speaker

Haghit Rosenberg "I walked through the fear in real time"

"Before working with Eliana I felt afraid to speak in front of people, let alone be authentic in front of them.  When I felt moved, or had the opportunity to speak, I would not take advantage of it.  I was not living my dream. I began to see dramatic results after the second session.  I saw myself on camera and walked through the fear in real time.  With each session, I felt more solid and confident inside of myself.  It helps me focus and be clear in all aspects of my life." Haghit Rosenberg, Community Leader
If you were to sign up for a live presentation course – you’d pay $3000 for a few day seminar that teaches the traditional fundamentals of presentation including how to use your body, arms, and hands to establish connection with the audience.  In live courses, you may be filmed so that you can see yourself in action to make necessary corrections.  It’s possible to find any number of online courses today which address crafting your signature presentation so that you will sell gazillions of whatever you’re selling from the stage. This usually includes a free live event as well, so that the presentation guru can upsell you to their super expensive five figure business coaching package.  If you’re into following “the guru”, and you’ve got the money, that can be great. But what happens if authenticity is important and you operate from the inside-out, or you’re the kind of person who gets an allergic reaction at the very thought of those “three steps to…” internet marketing formulas.  In the name of self-honesty, you end up going it alone, yet it’s really hard to keep moving forward when the inevitable obstacles come up and get in your way.   I know because I’ve been walking this walk for almost 25 years, and it has definitely NOT been the popular route.
  • Which is why I have designed this training package at a price that is 90% less than the cost of a live course-yet provides you with live lessons –both audio and video that you can keep practicing with month after month, year after year. The more you use it, the more valuable it will become.

In this training you'll:

Eliminate your fear of public speaking for good

Afraid you don't have enough time?

No worries, I set up the course in chunks, so that you can download, and study when the time is right for you. Practicing – can be done during your regular activities. You’ll gain at least two more free hours a week,  that could be spent on self-pampering instead of worry.

What if you don't like it?

No worries there either. I already told you that I am committed to authenticity. So, I’ve created a no worries, Off the Air, No holds barred money back guarantee.  Purchase the course and work with the materials for fourteen days (from day of purchase). If for any reason, you don’t feel change happening, just pop me an email, and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

This material is so good, that I have yet to have a refund request .

This course is definitely for you if you: 

  • Are an enlightened entrepreneur, mission driven expert or professional, academic.
  • Are ready to raise your professional profile–within your company, industry, or the wider world.
  • Value the notion of inspiring an audience, but don't know how to actually do it.
  • Want to prepare yourself to present successfully online through video.
  • You're courageous (at least inside) and you're ready to be seen and heard for who you are.
  • Have expertise and passion that benefits others… but English isn't your mother tongue.
  • Want to enjoy using your voice like an instrument to spread the word about your work
  • Find the standard presentations dry and believe there's got to be a better way.