Saturday, Eden and Missiles

In the background, I could hear the boom, boom of the missiles landing in the distance. Where I was not sure.

I sat on my porch table, coffee in hand, cat perched on the green tablecloth, purring her usual morning song.

Inside, Matthias lay quiet, drunk in the midst of his slumber.

“How can all this exist at the same time?” I wondered to myself.

Last night after posting my evening blog, I did a short search on google to get an update from the latest news. It didn’t take more than one minute of perusing the front page of headlines before I

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made the decision to turn the computer off. Each headline expressed some jargon or particular political slant that the newspaper or wire service was trying to sell.

Here I am sitting in the middle of missiles going off, choosing to make peace with the contradiction and pain around me.

It’s so easy to point fingers or to make simple conclusions about the situation. We do this every day with all kinds of situations in life. It’s dangerous. It leads to more mayhem.

Each one of us is responsible for how we think and choose. I am so sorry at how few of us in humanity know to apply this. I am so sorry that we get so carried away by the drama of life, that we never get to reach underneath it’s facade.

Beneath the dark beyonds of the scary depths – beneath the bowels of the earth, lie the answers to our deepest secrets. It is there that I am willing to go today.

Yes, today, I feel sad. And today I feel human. Today I feel compassion for the dark and the light.

Who am I to judge. I will not fall into that trap. It’s a dead-end street. I am on a journey into the unknown. Yes, it’s scary, and it’s also exciting.

What if there is a larger picture to all this? What if there is something beyond, what seems evident.

I am choosing to go there. I’ll keep you posted. Please ask me questions. I would love to answer.

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