Self Transformation through Gardening

This morning I decided to start my day with fifteen minutes of gardening. Well… weeding.
The pathway leading from the street down to my home is verdant green. On one hand it is beautiful.
Yet if you look beneath the surface, you’ll also find alot of thorns.

It’s just like life. The “effective” side of me, likes to see the green and avoid the fact that if I don’t trim the hedge before it gets out of control, I will be stung by the prickly thorns of the branches as they dry out in the coming summer heat. The “mature” part – transformed part of my morning meditation into a this gardening adventure. What better way to practice transforming my own prickly thoughts into the verdant inner calm garden of Eden.


The thorns were already strangling the fig tree trying to grow. I dug in, trimming the side branches, until I could have a clearer view of the root branch. Just like negative chatter, I thought to myself. Underneath the negative criticism lies the deeper root thought – “Not enough”. From that “not enough” space, the ego tries to take control. Like these verdant thorny branches trying to overtake the young fig tree trying to take hold.



The thorns didn’t like my coming in to save the fig tree and expressed their displeasure by scratching and scraping my arns as I cut (even through my gloves).

Never mind. The site of the freed fig tree, made my heart jump with joy. I dared tackle the thorny issue, and though scraped in the process, the pure innocent beauty of those fig leaves is a definite gift towards creating my own personal garden of Eden.

What thorny issue are YOU willing to tackle today to recover your own inner garden of Eden?

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