Shavuot Harvest Holiday and Mothers’ Day Are Linked

IMG_0571[1]I’d like to wish you all a happy Mothers’ Day whether you have physically given birth to children or not. Why?  Motherhood relates to more than babies coming out of your womb… it also signifies midwifing of transformational change – life from one state to another.

Auspiciously coinciding with Mothers’ Day is the Ancient Israelite Harvest festival “Shavuot”. The ancient roots of Shavuot celebrate the first fruits of the harvest. The ancient Hebrews would celebrate by bringing the first fruits as offerings to the Temple.

Today in Israel, Shavuot celebrates the birth of new children, purity, innocence – these young girls celebrated  at a local festival with their beautiful  dance a few years back:

In honor of the first harvest – I offer my readers a special harvest: Package a Personalized Live Music Composition – Recorded Live at the Ancient Healing Music site of Galilee, Israel connected to the power of abundance and  a  live coaching session for just the price of the composition. My coaching sessions are $250.

This is an ideal gift to mother yourself, especially if you are in the midst of a transition and looking for support to propel you forward.

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