The recording session in the ancient site was so amazing.

Picking up from where we left off, I started to share with you what I learned that provides
answers 24/7, even without an internet hookup that gives you prophetess like power.

It’s called Wisdom

Tuning into ancient Wisdom canhelp you find solutions to all kinds of challenges
especially those you face in tumultuous times of change.

Remember that idea of the promised land being the road and not the destination?

When you tune into wisdom you connect to something so much larger than intellectual knowledge,
it is gained by experience. It’s visceral. It’s deep.

The ancient Hebrews knew this. In fact the language is based upon three letter roots. Their sounds have the power
to heal and transform negative energy into positive constructive and productive states.

A client wrote to share that since the Hebrew meditation course for stress
release helped her get through chemotherapy alive, she decided to use it in her own work helping people with ADHD.

Feminine power. It’s deep. You tap into it.

It effortlessly magnetizes things to you.

This is how I was invited to present about Ancient Wisdom of the Divine Feminine power of Ancient Israel at the
Chopra Center. When I arrived, the manager took me on a tour of the center. She pointed out Deepak’s office on our
way to the meditation center where I would be presenting my program.

I always sensed we were meant to meet.

Since he wasn’t in the office, I got that it wasn’t time, since no one was there. I let it go.

When we came out of the meditation room. I began to arrange for my presentation. The manager called me
to Deepaks office. Surprised I followed her. There he was. Our first meeting was short.

He thanked me for coming, took a piece of paper, wrote his email down handed it to me and asked me
to contact him.

Talk about plugging into wisdom…
That piece of paper sits on my desktop altar today. I know it is cooking up great things to come.

Wisdom has many attributes. I found six which correspond to each one of the letters. I’ll share with you in upcoming

In the meantime, what has your wisdom taught you?
Leave a message below, I’d love to know.

From the eyes of Binah (Hebrew for Wisdom),


P.S. Yesterday I gave a presentation for a different type of client I wouldn’t have worked with in the past.I said yes, and went to “test out” something.

I mean, this wisdom stuff is something else. Nothing to do with what you’ll read in any “self-help” or “presentation” book.

The results were amazing. I think it was a fluke. I need to test this out a bit more before I can share with you much more.

For the record – here’s where I loved recording!!!!Import_031.

Where’s your most inspiring wisdom spot?


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