Sound Can Change Your Life

Sound effects your life. It effects your body. It effects your emotions and it effects your spirit.  Sound is the very essence of who you are. The essence of all matter is vibratory. The essence of sound is vibratory.  Sound waves can heal.
Our bodies are made of up to 80% water. If you want physical proof of sound and it’s powerful effect upon matter, watch this video:

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If you want to see more of the scientists experiments go to Brusspup on youtube.

What is sound energy?

EnergyforMankind .org has a very concise and clear way of describing how sound waves work:

Sound energy is a type of energy that is made by vibrations. Basically, movement produces sound. When an object vibrates, it would cause a movement in the air particles. The particles would bump into each other until all the energy is expended. This is why sound could only be heard within a specific range since the energy of the movement of the particles decreases over distance. If the ear happens to be within the range of the sound waves, which is what these movements are called, then one would be able to hear the sound produced by the movement.

Sound waves require a medium in order to travel. It could travel through air, water, and even through solids. Their movement is slow, considering that the speed of sound in air is only at 330 meters per second which is only a very small fraction of the speed of light which is 300,000 kilometers per second.

Considering that liquids have closer molecules compared to air, sound travels faster in liquids and could travel much faster in solids. Take for instance a railway track, where one could hear the sound of an oncoming train even if it is still far away.

The speed of sound is always dependent on the temperature, since heat causes expansion of molecules of any medium. At 20 degrees Celsius, sound could travel about 4.3 times faster in water compared to that in the air, and 15 times faster in iron.

The speed of vibrations also causes changes in the sound that one hears. Fast vibrations result to a high note, while slow vibrations result to a low note. Noise is produced by irregular waves of sound while music is produced by regular repetitious waves.

Sound Energy Needs Something to Vibrate

Understanding the movement of sound energy is a fascinating concept, but in order to understand it it’s important to also grasp the concept of sound energy itself.

Sound energy is the energy produced by the vibrations that make up sound. Sound energy, because it is based on vibrations, must travel through something: if you have a vacuum of space such as a black hole, there can be no sound. This is because with nothing in the space, there is nothing to vibrate.

This explains why there is no sound on the moon. It also explains the fact that sound can actually be heard underwater, a fact that surprises many people. In fact, water is such a good conductor of sound energy that whales and some other ocean species can hear each other even though they are hundreds of miles apart.

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