Speaking Up – Creating Waves

It has been more than a month’s hiatus, since I wrote my last newsletter. Breaking the routine of newsletter communication consensus felt scary… not wanting to let other people down, not wanting to let myself down…. It stirred up the fear of abandonment; If I “break the consensus”, I’ll be punished, banished from the tribe.

The experience provided inspiration for the chapter on Creating Waves – Speaking Up in my upcoming book “Miriam’s Secret – Midwiving the Birth of Your Inner Transformation“. The prophetess Miriam spoke up against the accepted consensus. She was connected to her inner truth, and she expressed it.

Given the powerful tides of change occuring during those times, her feminine voice was silenced to make way for another masculine agenda to dominate. As punishment, Miriam was distanced from the tribe and banished to the leper colony.

What did she go through during that time of disconnection? I wonder how she spoke to herself? Was her inner power so clear that she went with the flow, even though this masculine God sent her away? Did she even accept that power? Did she rebel inside? Was she angry? What were the tools she used to deal with her situation? I wonder how she sang and drummed? Or did she refrain from singing and drumming during that time?

It must have felt uncomfortable to be set aside for expressing her honest opinion. Yet Miriam, being aware of her power, was also aware of the changes occurring during this time.

What if she were to have used this time to become even more rooted in her own power? What if she were to have used her time of isolation to creatively preserve the divine feminine power through the conscious use of her voice?

Perhaps with music like this?

What do you think? How do you reconnect when you’ve disconnected?

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