Spontaneity: Build Your Creative Power Like This – Part 2

self worth 1It  was such a joy to teach the Facilitator’s Training in Los Angeles at Remo Recreational Music Center in North Hollywood. Remo Belli, company founder and pioneer of the latex drum head, without which the rock and roll era could not have existed, decided to experience Ancient Healing and Transformational Voice and Rhythm for himself.

In China the word for Fear is also the same word for Opportunity.  Following last week’s post on spontaneity, I decided to follow suit and invite him into the middle of our work circle. He arrived at the section we would spontaneously sing and create as a group and I would then demonstrate therapeutic singing and sonic drum application. This requires going “out of your mind”, and going “into the resonance” to be led by it.
Remo was moved by the sound and made particular note of the synergy spontaneously created by the Eliana and Remo Belligroup and the level of courage each one had to allow him/herself to spontaneous create.

Spontaneity is a great tool that can help you to connect to and express your authentic power.

Yet so many people find it challenging to expose their inner self, particularly when it comes to expressing it through voice.  Whether it is because of a reserved nature, an authority figure criticizing you as a child or your own perfectionism, research shows that 78% of professional adults have issues with their voice.

Why do you think that is?

I think it is because, voice is our most intimate instrument. Sound is the essence of all matter. When you work with voice, you literally are touching your soul. It is powerful.

This is why spontaneously sounding in a group setting, in public, is so rewarding… when there is a safe space created to express yourself spontaneously it deeply heals those parts of us that need to be expressed, seen and heard.

Ping Ho, Founding Director of the UCLArts Initiative decided to test out the power of therapeutic sound and sonic drum application by spontaneously singing into the drum.




Her spontaneous comments following her experience are so telling. They reflect the joyous discovery we can find when we dare go “out of our minds” for a bit, and listen to the Source of the sound, which is silence. The resultant sound that comes out of your mouth is surprising as well.

Another great example of spontaneous creation occurred as I met to interview healing singer and drummer Miranda Rondeau who has initiated a great singing challenge: spontaneously sing every day for 40 days. It’s leading up to her birthday.

We had a blast, literally, figuratively and vocally during our own spontaneous creation. What do you think, were we out of our minds or totally in synch?

What motivates you to spontaneously express yourself?

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