Spontaneously Build Your Creative Power Like This: Part 1

spontaneityIt doesn’t take much to notice…absolutely everything is changing. Family structures, the economy, medicine, technology, the environment, the way you see yourself…no matter what it is… chances are, it is going through humongous change.

Change is natural…happens all the time. Only today the speed of change is so drastic and this can have unexpected consequences for your personal and professional life. Drastic change brings disruption and discomfort. If you want to transform the disruption thrive in todays climate, it’s important be able to deal with ambiguity and to make decisions quickly.

Doing this requires being creative. It’s a more feminine approach to leadership than that of the pin – pointed action oriented focus.  If you’re a person who likes to feel in control of things, sudden disruption and disorder is a particularly hard thing to manage.

Spontaneity is a great tool that can help you to connect to and express your authentic power. 

Spontaneity allows you to stay in the present moment and operate from a place of power instead of caving into old, less than optimum patterns of behavior that keep you small and hidden in the cave.

Here are a few helpful hints to help you spontaneous build your power:

1) Agree. Say yes.

This is so simple, yet so powerful. The moment you say yes to what IS, you bring yourself into the present. The present moment is a place of power.  You can make a choice and do something about it.

2) Say yes…AND LET’S SEE…

Adding “and let’s see” transforms fear of the unknown into the excitement of discovery. Remember the delight you had playing games as a child?  Saying to yourself… Yes…and let’s see sends a message to your subconscious that you are willing to play and enjoy.  There’s an openness that allows for your creativity to take flight.

3) You cannot make a mistake.

There are no right or wrongs.  When you are spontaneous you discover new things in the moment. There are no rules of good, bad, right wrong…unless you choose to judge them as such. If that is the case, return to Tip #1.  There are only opportunities for growth. This reduces lots of stress and opens you up to so much good.

Where is spontaneity particularly helpful?

Spontaneity is particularly helpful in situations where something unexpected happens and you don’t know how to respond.

It might seem like a contradiction in terms. When things go awry, isn’t that exactly the time when you need to be even more in control? Isn’t that when you need to be making sure to not add to the fire?  It doesn’t make sense. Ironically tapping into your spontaneity is what allows you to think on your feet and respond most appropriately in the moment to what is happening. Delightful things can occur.

Yet this is exactly what happened last week when I interviewed healing music artist Miranda Rondeau – what happened was so spontaneous,  so funny that you may be rolling in your seat in laughter (or tears)…

Come back next week for Part 2…and experience for yourself.

In what areas could spontaneity help you develop your creative power?

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