Step Into Your Power: 3 Feminine Ways

Change brings with it much uncertainty. Even when the change is positive, like a move, or starting a business or taking a long dreamed of vacation.

I am in Italy for a two week vacation following a fantastic frame drum Italia conference I attendedl last week. Financially, this is not the optimum time for me to be taking vacation. I’m about to go to California to spend time with my family while my step father prepares to pass from this world.

At the same time, I am preparing to midwife the birth of Miriam’s Secret out into the world, twenty years of my life’s work. I have shared my ups and downs with this process.


How do you show up for yourself, stay in your power, while showing up for others who follow a different path from you?

It’s a tender sensitive process. It stirs up the desire for certainty vs surrender in faith. Sometimes it feels so scary.

So how do you keep stepping forward in your power, when you have many more questions than you have answers?

I’m noticing 3 things are empowering me on this trip:

1) Going with the flow

On the way from the frame drum conference to Perugia, my home for four days, we passed Assisi (as in St. Francis of Assisi). I felt a chill up and down my spine. I had no plans to go there, but yesterday, the inner voice told me to go. I have learned to follow that voice.

My host took me to the train station. The train was an hour and a half late. Once again, I chose to go with the flow. I had my drums with me. I took one out and began to practice a new rhythm learned at the conference.

The people sitting next to me took notice. One of them was a seventy plus something distinguished gentleman who asked about the music. In my broken Italian I answered as best I could.

Ends up… he too was Assisi bound.

2) Ask others about their experience.

I asked him where would be the best place to play. This man motioned for me to follow him, from the train, up to Assisi, up the hill, to a monastery where we were magically fed a feast!

Here we are in the monastery waiting for what I then thought was soup, but it ended up a four course meal!

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From there Giovanni took me on a tour of St :Francis’ tomb, then up to the ancient city square, where I began to play and sing.

3) Ask others what they need .

A woman stopped me to ask about the chills in her spine she received while listening to the music. I asked her why she was asking? What was her need?

She responded that she was going through such change and didn’t quite know what step to take next. When she heard the echo of my singing through the frame drum two streets over, she followed the sound to find me in the piazza square.

She purchased all of the cds and the healing music kit after I offered her tips on how to use sound for gaining clarity.


What do you need to step into your power?  Sometimes we are so close to it that it seems so very far away.

I’d love to hear your experience as it will help me to show up and support you more. I made a short survey on the subject:

Thanks for showing up.

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