Struggling with Procrastination, Perfectionism or People-Pleasing?

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  • Discover the #1 Trick That Overcomes Perfectionism Effortlessly!
  • End People Pleasing on the Spot, in Real Time
  • Learn the 3 Steps to Stopping Procrastination in its Tracks



"I've taken a lot of challenges and courses, but yours was different from any other that I've done. I so loved it!!!! Becoming more conscious of my own self-sabotage and being able to stop it through inspired action, even just through small actions, one day at a time. I now have tools & techniques to help me."

"I learned the difference between inspired action, and motivated action, and I learned to feel the power that came when I Iooked at my authentic choices. This will be how I carry myself forward, with that inner knowing."

"I enjoyed the short, easy to digest, yet very informative videos. They were bite-size which fit perfectly into my day."

"The five minute reflection time and opportunity to answer the questions were fantastic.  My biggest takeaway from this course is knowing I can partner with myself to overcome the fear of abandonment and scarcity."

Your Teacher: Eliana Gilad

For years I inadvertently self sabotaged myself and my good, until I learned to stop procrastinating, people pleasing and needing to do everything "perfect" before I'd dare follow my heart's true desire. 

Once I did, amazing things happened, e.g. two TEDx invites, and developing the Voice Your Feminine Power programs helping professional women in mid-life transition reconnect to their inner truth and courageously lead from their feminine power (even when it’s messy, inconvenient or politically incorrect). 

I created this challenge to help you stop sabotaging so your true voice can be heard in the world.