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successpositive attitude is a great determiner of our success. It keeps us focused on what’s necessary in order to accomplish whatever we will or desire. A positive attitude keeps us from becoming derailed by the blocks that inevitably occur in our daily life. But  have you noticed that sometimes it seems like your “positive attitude”  disappears…even after you’ve accomplished something you’re particularly proud of.

Here are some things you can practice to support yourself in reinforcing your positive direction.


Your positive attitude is based on three key elements:

  • Knowing what your objective is
  • Determining what approach you’ll use and
  • Following through on your  plan

These three elements chart your course toward successfully reaching your objective. If you begin to waver off your path, your positive attitude will get you back on track. To maintain a positive attitude it’s important to surround yourself with like minded people. These are people who also have a positive attitude. It’s hard to stay positive if you are surrounded by people saying negative things. Like minded people are those who believe in the same things as you. They possess the same core values as you. They avoid negativity. These people do not have to agree with you on everything, but if they disagree, they do so in a constructive manner.


Surround yconnect for successourself with people and things that inspire you to move forward.

1. Share about your success with others.

The feedback you receive will provide you with even more support to keep moving forward.  It’s easy to make the mistake to think it’s egotistical to share our movement forward. That’s actually the ego’s way of sabotaging the success to keep you in your old habits.

2. Listen to 100% natural music as it calms your nerves. 

Listening to it reinforces positive thought in your mind and your positive attitude. Make sure to check the cd cover, that no synthesizers are used. Opera music, classical music and many ethnic music cds are all natural. Most commercial music, even relaxation music, is based upon synthesizers, which can actually have a negative affect upon your nervous system. Ancient healing and transformational  music is 100% natural and can be a great source of positive inspiration.

3.  Continue to invest in your success. Say YES to yourself.

Understand we live in the real world and in the real world nothing goes as planned. Be prepared for and accept the unexpected things that happen. This occurs alot once we have moved forward and self sabotage subconsciously takes over.  Recognize what went wrong and correct the situation. Remind yourself of your objective and use your voice positively, reminding yourself that you can achieve it. Making adjustments along the way is normal and expected. This type of positive attitude enables you to avoid stress and negativity when unexpected things happen.


Incorporate healing voice exercises into your weekly routine. Vocal exercise improves both your physical, spiritual and mental health. It supports your overall well being. A community leader client of mine decided to incorporate a simple voice application that I designed for her – to keep her on track to her success. She had a habit of taking two steps forward, one and three quarters steps backwards. She had made great progress during the twelve sessions we worked together. Once an introverted leader, she confidently stated on her last session that she would take time to use her healing voice application whenever she felt shaky and unsure of how her voice would be perceived by others, to confidently move forward in new directions.

Practicing expressing your voice has a positive impact on your mood and reinforces your positive attitude.

Delighted to hear this, I suggested she make practicing a habit instead of a chore, by going slow and doing less.  Working alone, especially when your success is fresh, can spell BIG invitation to sabotage backlash.

A week later, she phoned to arrange another series of sessions. She reported that the practice with her voice filled her with with new levels of energy she had not experienced since her youth. Her business was increasing and new people were coming into her life. At the same time, deeper memories of earlier trauma surfaced which threatened to sabotage the amazing accomplishments she had achieved in her confident self expression.

We developed an overall action plan for reinforcing her success breaking her practice down into manageable pieces. Knowing what  to smilepractice on a weekly basis to achieve her target, allowed her to monitor her progress and make corrections in real time. This ultimately reduced her stress and negativity reinforcing her positive attitude. When she left the second time, her confidence and clarity were notably stronger.

I last saw her just before I left Israel.  She was on her way to Europe where she had been invited to present by several organizations. She felt so grateful to have supported her success by remaining positive and asking for more help to root it, rather than falling back into her isolated “do it alone” mode.

Here is a healing music video to reinforce your success, your deep calm and your goodness:


How can you focus on the good things in your life? Where can you look for what is good in yourself and avoid being critical of yourself?

By focusing on what is good you will reinforce your positive attitude.

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